The Wholefood Approach


For most people dinner is their main meal of the day. One that is the biggest in terms of portion size and source of energy (calories). In terms of cooking, it is the meal that the average person puts the most effort into. However, most people tend to eat the same meals or types of meals on a rotating basis. Each week or two weeks, you might work through anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 different meals you are familiar with. This is the easiest option for most people because it requires the least amount of thought and effort as they are already used to and familiar with cooking these meals. 

In order to start eating more healthy, wholefood meals, this means that if you learn 1-2 new or amended recipes per week, in a couple of weeks you will have a completely new rotation of meals to cook with. Once you start getting familiar with cooking these meals, they will become the easiest option and require the least amount of thought and effort. 

An important point to make when cooking (which has been mentioned before) – is about making extra each time you cook. This is especially beneficial for people who are limited on time or don’t enjoy cooking as it allows you to save time cooking in the future. Whenever you have leftovers, the food should be packed in a container and put in the fridge straight away. This can be eaten as leftovers during the week or added to make other meals. The great thing about cooking with wholefoods is most dishes can last in the fridge for up to a week, and also can be frozen. 

When making dinner with wholefoods, the options are endless. From pastas, to curries, to pizza, tacos and so much more. From recipes that have you in and out of the kitchen in 20 mins to recipes that take a little extra effort. When eating dinners that are made up of wholefoods, or mostly wholefoods – there are sometimes too many options – however if you continue to learn 1-2 new recipes per week, you will soon discover all your favourite recipes to cook each week.   

Preparation – the key to success!
If you are new to cooking, or lack the experience and confidence – the key at the beginning is preparation. Like with anything new, you need to put a little extra effort in when you are learning so you can ensure you are set up to succeed. When it comes to cooking one of the first things that chefs and cooks learn about is their kitchen set up, and as a home cook this is something to take on board which will make your cooking experience so much better. This concept is known in French as Mise en Place and translates to ‘everything in place’. The idea of this is preparing and chopping ingredients beforehand and putting in out on the bench so they are all ready to go and within easy reach once you start cooking. Mise en Place ensures everything runs smoothly from the time your begin cooking to when you serve the dish. The video below explains it. 


Listed below are some recipes that are perfect for dinner. The recipes listed are all tried and tested by me and given my tick of approval. They are also delicious and can be amended slightly if you don’t like/have certain ingredients. Feel free to msg me if you want some tips on the specific recipes – 

Recipe 1 – Pesto Pasta

Serves 2
First, prepare the veggies. You will need:
– 1 head of broccoli
– 1 zucchini
– 1 spring onion
– 3/4 cup peas
– 1 bunch of asparagus 
– 1/2 cup sundried tomatoes
– Pasta of your liking 

Cook pasta according to instructions. 

Veggies – Start by chopping broccoli and frying on a pan. Add diced zucchini and chopped asparagus. Cook for a couple of minutes. You can let me char a little to give the veggies more flavour. Once the veggies are nearly cooked, add spring onions and cook for 1-2 mins before adding peas. Once cooked set aside. 

Make this delicious pesto – click here

Once the pesto is made, stir through the veggies. Add sundried tomatoes and put on heat again until warm. Add drained pasta and serve with a garnish of basil. 


Recipe 2 – Lasagna

This dairy-free healthy lasagna is absolutely delicious as it is made from mostly wholefoods. If you would like to make it gluten free, you can easily replace the lasagna sheets with GF sheets or sliced eggplant. 

See the recipe here.

Recipe 3 – Spaghetti Bolognese 

This recipe by Jamie Oliver is incredible and has to be tried to see just how flavourful it is! He has managed to turn an average meal into something amazing! 

See the recipe here.

Recipe 4 – Dahl 

I love this dish because it’s quite easy to make and you can have it for leftovers later in the week, or freeze to have another time. Serve with brown rice, or brown basmati rice. 

See the recipe here.  

Recipe 5 – Sweet Potato and Kale Curry 

This is a delicious coconut curry! You can add chilli if you like things spicy. 

Find the recipe on my website here 

Recipe 6  – Enchiladas

Super simple, super delicious enchiladas. Mash some avocado and serve on top! 

Find the recipe here

Recipe 7 – Shepherds Pie

This recipe is one to make when you have a little extra time. But it is definitely worth the extra effort! 

Find it here

Recipe 8 – Big Bean Soup 

I never thought of soup as a meal until I tried this recipe! It is so filling and delicious! 

See it here

Recipe 9 – Burgers

Just because you are eating healthy, doesn’t mean you can’t eat burgers! This recipe is my absolute favourite! 

See it here

Recipe 10 – White Bean and Kale Salad 

I love this salad recipe because it’s so delicious. You can make it to be served as a side, or have it just like that for a meal. I usually throw some roasted cauliflower in too. 

See it here


Bonus recipe! – Pizza

We love making pizza in our house, we have it at least once a week! The thing I love about pizza is you can pretty much put whatever toppings you like. Have a look at the recipe on my website for some ideas! 

Thrive For Life recipes! 


Choose 1-2 recipes from the above and select two days over the next week to cook them. Share your creations with me by taking a pic and sending it to me via FB or email. You are also welcome to contact me before trying the dish so I can share any additional tips with you. 

But wait.. there’s more! 
I have loads and loads of recipes in my online library, in cookbooks in my house and a whole lot more just sitting somewhere in my head! I am a huge foodie and I love nothing more than eating a good healthy meal – so what this means if you want a recipe, reach out to me! Have 1kg of potatoes in your cupboard you don’t know what to do with – ask me! Feel like a creamy pasta recipe tonight – send me a message and I’ll provide you with one! Need to impress the fam with a meal they will love, get in touch! I am here to help you so feel free to reach out!