Wholefoods Bundle All Access



ALL ACCESS – is your complete resource bundle to add more healthy, delicious wholefoods to your lifestyle!

The Bundle is full of information divided into topics that will show you how eating a diet RICH in wholefoods is easy, enjoyable, delicious and ACHIEVABLE!

You get everything offered in the Wholefoods Bundle including:

Wholefoods and each of the wholefood food groups

Food Pyramid diagram and an outline of the food groups to focus your meals around

Shopping and buying tips including how to save money at the supermarket and save time in the kitchen

Breakfast ideas and recipes

Lunch ideas and recipes

Dinner ideas and recipes

Healthy alternatives

Desserts and snack ideas and recipes

Plus you also get topics including:

Tofu, tempeh and other fermented foods

Uncommon alternatives

Meal planning

Wellbeing including social, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

The power of habits


Eating out

Buddha bowls


Meal prepping

Resources and recipes

Eating healthy should be something you enjoy, make you feel good (and look good) and be part of your daily life – the Wh0lefoods Bundle All Access provides you with all the resources, tools, tips and recipes to show you how!