Wholefoods Hack Kickstarter – 12 weeks


Feel amazing. Gain energy. Look good. Achieve your goals. And ensure your overall optimal health.

Sound good? Join the Wholefoods Hack Kickstarter Program!

This 12 week program includes:

  • Specialised Nutrition Program
  • Recipes, Tips, Tools and Resources
  • Weekly Check In

It’s simple, easy to understand and only takes up around 10 minutes of your time 3 times a week.

No diets, fads, gimmicks or long lists of rules to follow – just real information about eating real food! You don’t need to compromise your lifestyle either, the Thrive program teaches you how to incorporate healthy habits to suit your life!

This option is perfect if you are self motivated and would benefit from being provided with the knowledge and resources on nutrition. You still have access to me as your coach when I do my weekly check in with you.

Feel you need extra support and motivation? Check out the Wholefoods Hack program.