Plant Strong Challenge

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The Plant Strong Challenge aims to get you and your family eating a diverse range of wholefoods! This includes veggies, fruit, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, spices and herbs! 

How does it work?
Over a 7 day period, simply tick off all the wholefoods you eat! The foods you see on the list can be used as a guide, we encourage you to eat a diverse range of wholefoods so if it’s not on the list, you can simply add it. Each food is counted once, therefore if you eat broccoli 3 times in a week, it should only be counted once. At the end of the 7 day period, count how many you got and share this with the Plant Strong community. You can post it to Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #plantstrongchallenge 

Want to take the next level challenge? 
Once you have completed the one week challenge, tally your number and start again the next week. This time the aim of the challenge is to beat that number! So if you consumed 30 different types of wholefoods the first week, aim for 35 the second week! You’ll be amazed at all the different wholefoods available to us, not to mention how amazing eating a wide variety of wholefoods makes us feel!

Download a print-friendly copy of the Plant Strong Challenge – put it on the fridge as a reminder!

Download a edit-friendly copy of the Plant Strong Challenge, which you can tick off from your phone or computer!

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What are the benefits of eating a diverse range of wholefoods?

Wholefoods contain a huge amount of nutrients that our bodies thrive off, therefore by eating them on a daily basis we can ensure optimal health. What’s even better for our bodies is to not only eat lots of wholefoods, but to eat a diverse range of wholefoods. The diversity in the wholefoods that we eat provide our bodies with a huge range of nutrients and improves gut health, which determines our overall health including our immune system, digestion, metabolism and even our mood. To learn more about how to nourish your body and feel amazing, join the Thrive Program or come along to one of my Cooking Classes