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Thrive Program FAQS

Your frequently asked questions answered​


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  • Let’s start with the good stuff, what will I get out of the programs?
    There are honestly no limits to what you gain when you fill your body with nutrients! Increased energy levels, feeling good on a consistent basis, improved health, feeling confident in your food choices, feeling happy with how you look, feeling in control of what you eat.. but most importantly you get more out of life! When you eat good, you feel good and you can do more in life! Whether that is running after your kids, going on a hike or simply just waking up each day and feeling great! The programs teach you how to achieve this in a simple way and without compromising your lifestyle.
  • How long do the programs go for?
    You can choose between an 8 and 12 week program. The Plant Strong program runs for 28 days with the option to continue on a weekly basis after this.
  • What is in the program and how much time does it take?
    The program aims to provide you with a complete understanding of nutrition and how best to fuel your body. It contains nutrition info, and loads of tips, tools and resources to get you eating more healthy food. Plus there are heaps of recipes in there, from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, snacks and even dessert! Each week you receive 2-3 emails and each email is based on a different topic, these emails take no longer than 10 minutes to go through, because healthy eating is simple – I show you how. So that’s an investment of only 20-30 mins each week for your overall health and wellbeing!
  • How much support will I receive?
    All the Thrive programs come with support from me – your very own Nutrition Coach. Wholefoods Hack program – you receive ongoing support throughout the program, plus each week/fortnight we have a session together. This allows me to get to know you and provide you with tailored info to suit you and your lifestyle. Wholefoods Hack Kickstarter – you receive a weekly check in to track your progress and answer any questions you may have.
  • How much are the programs?
    All the prices can be found here.
  • What does it mean by wholefoods?
    Wholefoods are all the foods that are in their natural state and unprocessed, the food groups include Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds, Herbs and Spices. The Thrive programs take a wholefoods approach, meaning I encourage you to eat a diet RICH in wholefoods. That’s not to say you can never eat any of the other foods, but I focus on helping you increase your intake of REAL food! This is the food that has the most nutrients to make you feel amazing each day and improve your health!
  • Do you give me a meal plan?
    The Thrive programs are so much more than just a meal plan. Whilst the programs contain a mealplan they don’t focus on this, because mealplans don’t actually teach you anything about food and nutrition. They simply tell you what to eat, and it means that once you stop the mealplan you have not learnt anything about food. The program also contains the tools to create your own meal plan and if you are in the Wholefoods Hack program with coaching, I can work with you on this.
  • Is this a diet? Will I lose weight?
    The Thrive programs are not a diet, as diets are normally only ever done for a period of time. The Thrive programs aim to give you knowledge for life and every change you make in the program should only be done if it can be sustained long after the 8 or 12 weeks is over. That is why we focus on small changes over time rather than huge changes overnight. Most wholefoods are lower in calories than other foods, therefore by eating a diet rich in wholefoods, it’s likely you will be consuming less calories and lose weight (while still feeling satisfied). However – there are other factors when it comes to losing weight, but I will work with you on this if it is your goal.
  • How is this different from all other programs out there?
    Most programs focus only on a short term fix, they require you to make huge changes overnight and most of which are not sustainable, so whilst you may achieve your goals, it is hardly ever sustained. In addition to this they teach you nothing about food and nutrition, and some diets compromise your health to achieve weight loss (the unhealthy way). Most importantly Thrive For Life is my small business created out of my passion to help others, so you will always receive individual support from me, and I strive to ensure you get heaps of value from the program!
  • What do I have to give up?
    Absolutely nothing! The Thrive programs don’t have any rules, there are no foods you are not allowed to eat, and foods you must eat. I simply show you the foods that are the healthiest for us and how to incorporate them into your diet. Why is it run like this? – Because I know that when you incorporate more healthy food into your diet, you start to feel good AND your body starts to enjoy and crave those foods more – so you know what happens next? You naturally want to continue eating that way. It happens each and every time with my clients!
  • When can I start?
    As the Thrive programs are individual, you can start whenever you like. It usually takes me 24 hours to set you up, but once this is done you are good to go! Here’s a tip from me – don’t wait until you are ready (as you never know when this may come). There is a saying – ACTION PRECEDES MOTIVATION – meaning motivation usually comes after the action. So when you want to do something, just begin, you will find your motivation will come.
  • What are the payment options?
    You can pay in full by Credit Card or Paypal, or in installments through Afterpay.
  • What do I need to do to prepare for the program?
    You just need to bring your best attitude. You certainly don’t need to go through your fridge and cupboard to throw out all the unhealthy stuff. Or tell your friends that you can’t go out to eat/drink for 8 or 12 weeks. Throughout the programs and especially in the first week, you do not need to make any significant changes. We will focus on small changes over time, rather than huge changes overnight as this is far more sustainable.
  • Ok Im ready to begin, how do I sign up?
    Yes, I’m excited! It’s likely when I see the email that you signed up, I will do a little happy dance. I’m always excited to get new clients and help them on their health journey. Sign up here.