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Wanting to transition to a plant-based diet? Or are you curious about it and want to add more plant-based foods into your diet?

There are so many benefits to going plant-based – gain energy, improve your health, feel amazing, gain confidence in your food choices, feel in control of what you eat, reduce your recovery time after working out and so much more! Plus plants have every single nutrient our bodies need to thrive!

The Get Plant Strong program provides you with knowledge and support to transition to a plant-based diet in 28 days! Included in the program is a 21 day challenge which gives you the confidence in the kitchen to prepare and create incredible plant-based recipes, plus practical tips on how to eat out when eating plant-based!

The daily information you receive is easy to understand and only takes 10 minutes a day to go through. There are loads of resources, tips and recipes.

No diets, fads, gimmicks or long lists of rules to follow – just real information about eating real food! You don’t need to compromise your lifestyle either, the Get Plant Strong program teaches you how to incorporate plant-based habits to suit your life!

The best part is you have access to your own personal health coach throughout the entire 4 weeks – that’s me! I provide you with genuine support and personal recommendations to accommodate your individual needs and lifestyle. We catch up each week and you have access to contact me at anytime throughout the program.

Want to learn more? Book in for a free consultation, or if you are ready to get Plant Strong, sign up now!