Cooking Class Experiences

Thrive’s Cooking Class Experiences are now available and I’m so excited to invite you into my world to learn all about delicious wholefoods!

When you attend one of my Classes, you get much more than just learning how to cook a few dishes. My aim is to get you EXCITED about cooking with wholefoods, I teach you all about how these foods are the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but also how to make them taste delicious in simple recipes – that are designed for you to easily replicate at home.

My classes are all about food and collaboration – because that’s what I love the most about food! So we will all cook together, share ideas and knowledge and of course eat together! 

Class inclusions:

  • Hands-on cooking experience – you will learn how to cook a number of dishes depending on the class type. 
  • Nutrition knowledge – throughout the class I will be providing you with loads of knowledge on wholefoods, as well as info and tips on cooking. Once you meet and get to know me – you will learn very quickly that I am extremely passionate about healthy food – so I am always excited to share this with others.
  • Take-home recipe cards – so you can replicate the dishes at home and of course show off to your family and friends! 
  • Most importantly, the class includes a sit down meal together with the group in a beautiful setting to enjoy the food we have just made!

Classes are based on small groups with a minimum of 4 people.  

See the FAQS for more info. 

Price: $119 per person. Includes all ingredients, equipment and everything mentioned above. 
Location: Classes are held at the beautiful Kula Farm in Verrierdale in the Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast. 
*Please note if you have previously attended a class with Thrive, the location has now changed. The setting is just as beautiful, held on a Herbal Farm set on 10 acres and surrounded by trees outside in nature. 

Incredible Salads + Delicious Dressings!

This cooking class experience is inspired all the incredible salads I have created over the years! Full of colour, full of flavour and full of all the good stuff that leaves you feeling amazing! The menu includes a selection of warm and cold salads so they are perfect all year round.  

Menu includes SIX incredible salads and dressings:

> Asian Black Rice Salad with a Sesame Dressing

> Mango Salsa Salad

> Pad Thai Salad with a Satay Dressing

> Roasted Cauli & White Bean Salad with a Creamy Tahini Dressing

> Smoky Kale, Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad with a Miso Peanut Dressing 

> All Hail Caesar Salad with Crispy Tempeh and a Creamy Caesar Dressing 

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request. 


Saturday, 13th April – 10.30am – SOLD OUT
Saturday, 11th May 10.30am – SOLD OUT
Saturday, 25th May 10.30am – SOLD OUT

Friday, 7th June 10.30am – 2 spots available 

Flavours of Asia

I have spent a lot of time in Asia travelling and also visiting my mum’s family who are from Singapore. Every time I am there my favourite thing to do is eat and this gives me inspiration when I come home to recreate all the incredible food I tried. 

This cooking class experience is inspired by all the delicious homecooked meals made by my grandmother and all street food I ate while travelling Asia! It is a menu that is sure to impress! The flavours in each of these dishes are incredible!

Menu includes SIX incredible dishes:

> Spiced Palau Rice 

> Sweet Potato Coconut Curry 

> Creamy Cauli Peanut Curry 

> Balinese Kaffir Green Beans 

> Miso Eggplant with Roasted Broccolini 

> Smashed Cucumber Salad 

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request.  

Friday, 3rd May 10.30am –  SOLD OUT

Saturday, 1st June 10.30am – 3 spots available 

Flavours of Morocco and the Middle East 

Half of my family is from the Middle East so I have grown up experiencing so many different flavours of the food. I have also spent time travelling through this region and can safely say that there is no other food like traditional Middle Eastern food – the flavours and the spices are simply incredible!  

This Cooking Class Experience is inspired by my childhood and my travels in the Middle East – where food is more than just food, it’s about connection, sharing and joy. 

Menu includes FIVE incredible dishes:

> Moroccan Style Lentils 

> Harissa and Tahini Whole Roasted Cauli  

> Maqlooba (an incredible rice dish with veggies and spices) 

> Sticky Eggplant with Butter Bean Hummus 

> Roasted Veg Buckwheat Salad  

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request.  

Saturday, 15th June 10.30am –  Enquire below 

Other Classes include:

> Hola Mexicana 

> Ultimate Plant-Based Feast 

> Christmas in July – A Christmas Feast 

Dates are yet to be confirmed for the above classes. You can be notified when new dates are released by registering your interest below. 

Classes require a minimum of 8 people, therefore may be subject to cancellation and rescheduled. 

What my lovely guests have said..

I attended the Flavours of the Middle East cooking class on the weekend. The class was enjoyable and informative, set in a beautiful location. The food was simple to make and so so delicious! I love that we all got to sit down together afterwards to enjoy the food with a glass of wine and a chat. I found Amanda's knowledge about cooking with wholefoods to be really helpful and it's definitely inspired me to try new foods and recipes.
Tara Marriott
What a wonderful cooking class I attended with Amanda recently. With a range of fresh ingredients sourced from the local markets, a four course healthy buffet was created. Amanda provided expert tips and guidance throughout the preparation and cooking process. The best part was to sit back, relax and enjoy our healthy lunch. I definitely recommend this cooking class.
Anne Pill
After having attended 2 classes now ( I couldn't decided which menu I preferred! 😋) - Mand's relaxed, welcoming, informative & passion were amazing!!!! I will be back for more & thanks for the new ideas & recipes!
Em Rankin