Cooking Class Experiences

Thrive’s Cooking Class Experiences are now available and I’m so excited to invite you into my world to learn all about delicious wholefoods!

When you attend one of my Classes, you get much more than just learning how to cook a few dishes. My aim is to get you EXCITED about cooking with wholefoods, I teach you all about how these foods are the healthiest and most nutrient dense foods on the planet, but also how to make them taste delicious in simple recipes – that are designed for you to easily replicate at home.

My classes are all about food and collaboration – because that’s what I love the most about food! So we will all cook together, share ideas and knowledge and of course eat together! 

Held outdoors, undercover in a beautiful setting! 

Class inclusions:

  • Hands-on cooking experience – you will learn how to cook a number of dishes depending on the class type. 
  • Nutrition knowledge – throughout the class I will be providing you with loads of knowledge on wholefoods, as well as info and tips on cooking. Once you meet and get to know me – you will learn very quickly that I am extremely passionate about healthy food – so I am always excited to share this with others.
  • Take-home recipe cards – so you can replicate the dishes at home and of course show off to your family and friends! 
  • Most importantly, the class includes a sit down lunch together with the group in a beautiful setting to enjoy the food we have just made!

Classes are based on small groups with a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4. If you wish to book more than this, please get in contact with me directly. 

See the FAQS for more info. 

Price: All classes are prices at $89.00 which includes all ingredients, equipment and everything mentioned above. 
Burnside, Sunshine Coast

Flavours of Morocco and the Middle East

 I grew up in a multicultural home with both my parents coming from overseas from different cultures. Every Sunday we would go to my grand parents house on my dad’s side and amongst the loud noise from my aunties, uncles and cousins – there would always be food – and lot’s of it! 

This cooking class experience is inspired by my childhood and my travels in the Middle East – where food is more than just food, it’s about connection, sharing and joy! 

Menu includes 4 dishes:

> Spicy Eggplant Pide

> Morrocan Style Lentils 

> Roasted Cauliflower with Creamy Tahini Dressing 

> Mediterranean Buckwheat Salad 

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs. Gluten free may be available on request, but please note the menu will differ slightly. 


>>> THURSDAY 5 MAY, 4.30PM Special Twilight Class  – SOLD OUT


Flavours of Asia

I have spent a lot of time in Asia travelling and also visiting my mum’s family who are from Singapore. Every time I am there my favourite thing to do is eat and this gives me inspiration when I come home to recreate all the incredible food I tried. 

This cooking class experience is inspired by all the delicious homecooked meals made by my grandmother and all street food I ate while travelling Asia! 

Menu includes 4 dishes:

> Spiced Jackfruit Biryani

> Sweet Potato Coconut Curry 

> Balinese Kaffir Green Beans 

> Thai Chickpea Fyshcakes (vegan)

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request. 



Ultimate Plant-Based Feast 

Being plant-based doesn’t mean missing out when it comes to food, it simply means finding new ways to create all the dishes you used to love! In fact most people turn into overnight foodies when they go plant-based and they get very creative in the kitchen. 

This cooking class experience is inspired by all the dishes you love but created in a compassionate way!

Menu includes 5 dishes:

> Stuffed Plant-Based Roast (made from seitan and filled with delicious wholefoods!)

> Roasted Cauliflower with Creamy Tahini Dressing 

> Creamy Mac and Cheese 

> Roasted Garlic and Herbed Potatoes

> Corn Ribs  

All dishes are 100% vegan. The dishes in this class contain gluten. 


>>> SUNDAY 29 MAY, 4.30PM Special Twilight Class – SOLD OUT

Hola Mexicana!

Who doesn’t love Mexican?! All those fresh ingredients bursting with flavour and a little bit of spice (if you like it!). 

This cooking class experience is inspired by my travels around the world and eating delicious Mexican food street side!  

Menu includes 4 dishes:

> Jackfruit Enchiladas

> Mango + Peach Salsa  

> Charred Corn Cobs  

> Sweet Potato Nachos with Cashew Cheese

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request. 


>>> THURSDAY 16 JUNE, 4.30PM Special Twilight Class – 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE 

Autumn / Winter Salads + Dressings!

Autumn and Winter are a beautiful time of year on the Coast – we still enjoy warm days and then start to get some cooler nights! And the produce available at this time of year is perfect to make a variety of delicious fresh salads that leave you feeling amazing! 

This cooking class experience is inspired all the incredible salads I have created over the years! Full of colour, full of flavour and full of all the good stuff that leaves you feeling amazing! The menu includes a selection of warm and cold salads.  

Menu includes:

> Asian Black Rice Salad with a Sesame Dressing

> Mexican Salsa Salad

> Pad Thai Salad with a Satay Dressing

> Roasted Cauli & White Bean Salad with a Creamy Tahini Dressing

> Smoky Kale, Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad with a Miso Peanut Dressing 

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request. 
Please note that this class is adapted from the Summer Salads class, so is not suitable for those who have already attended this class. 


>>> SATURDAY 21 MAY, 10.30AM – SOLD OUT 

>>> SUNDAY 26 JUNE, 10.30AM – SOLD OUT

Indian Banana Leaf!

I have been lucky enough to live abroad in Malaysia a few years back, and one of my favourite things to do there was to go eat at Banana Leaf restaurants. This is a type of restaurant you will find all over Malaysia from the Indian culture. The idea is you sit down and a banana leaf is placed in front of you, then the fun begins! The waiters come around with a selection of all the delicious Indian dishes and curries and you simply say yes to what you want. Hint: say yes to EVERYTHING!! It is then served on top of your banana leaf!  

This cooking class experience is inspired by the many many times I have visited the banana leaf restaurants all over Malaysia!  

Menu includes 4 dishes:

> Spiced Palau Rice 

Eggplant Peanut Curry  

> Creamy Red Lentil Dahl 

> Bombay Potatoes 

> Garlic Naan 

All dishes are 100% wholefoods, contain no meat/dairy/eggs and can be made gluten free on request.


>>> THURSDAY 12 MAY, 4.30PM Twilight Class – SOLD OUT 

>>> THURSDAY 30 JUNE, 4.30PM Twilight Class – 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE 


Classes require a minimum of 2 people, therefore may be subject to cancellation and rescheduled. 

Covid update: Please note that if Covid restrictions prevent classes going ahead, you have the option to book in for a future class or receive a full refund. 

What my lovely guests have said..

I attended the Flavours of the Middle East cooking class on the weekend. The class was enjoyable and informative, set in a beautiful location. The food was simple to make and so so delicious! I love that we all got to sit down together afterwards to enjoy the food with a glass of wine and a chat. I found Amanda's knowledge about cooking with wholefoods to be really helpful and it's definitely inspired me to try new foods and recipes.
Tara Marriott
What a wonderful cooking class I attended with Amanda recently. With a range of fresh ingredients sourced from the local markets, a four course healthy buffet was created. Amanda provided expert tips and guidance throughout the preparation and cooking process. The best part was to sit back, relax and enjoy our healthy lunch. I definitely recommend this cooking class.
Anne Pill
After having attended 2 classes now ( I couldn't decided which menu I preferred! 😋) - Mand's relaxed, welcoming, informative & passion were amazing!!!! I will be back for more & thanks for the new ideas & recipes!
Em Rankin