Consultation Services








Individual Coaching Sessions 

In addition to the Thrive program, I also work with clients on an individual basis to support them on their journey to eating healthier. Get in touch if you would like to learn more about how I can support you through one-on-one coaching sessions. 

In-Home Consultations 

If you are located in the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane region, I also offer in-home consultations, which consists of an hourly service where I provide you with the knowledge to get you started on learning what foods best nourish your body. I will talk you through the main food groups and do an assessment of your current diet and pantry. You can also add an additional hour for a cooking demonstration of a couple of simple and delicious meals, and/or a supermarket shop where we visit a local supermarket or market to learn what food groups to look out for when shopping, including cost savings tips and how to read ingredient labels.  


My workshops are great for community groups, or friends and family who would like to learn more about eating healthier through wholefoods. These workshops contain information on how best to nourish your body and include a cooking demonstration of simple and delicious meals that anyone can prepare. I can tailor make each workshop to suit the group and preferred duration. To learn more about these workshops, please get in touch with me.