About Me

Hi I'm Mands

I am a super passionate Health Coach and Educator – with a love for supporting people to take control of their health simply through what they eat.

My journey to eating and living a healthy life started when I became more aware of how the foods I ate directly affected how I felt. At the same time, as a huge food lover I didn’t want to give up all the foods I already knew and loved and I simply refused to eat bland, boring meals each day. This is where I developed a love for creating inspiring natural wholefood dishes that were not only delicious, but also filled my body with nutrients that it thrived off. 

I have combined my knowledge and experience from my qualifications in fitness, nutrition, community development and my passion for helping people to create this business from scratch. My aim to inspire people and communities to eat and live healthier lives – and to do so by feeling inspired by what they eat every day, having a high amount of energy and feeling amazing from the inside out.